The Most Popular Rock Group Of Frog World Goes On Tour!

The RockFrogs travel the entire frog universe in their super cool, pollution-free, wooden tour bus with the coolest, cleanest water-fuelled engine. On the road to performing at concerts they meet multi-cultured fans, ending up in all sorts of exciting adventures. Like all true rock stars, Rocky, Boney, Becky & Ramyo are never ones to miss out on any adventure, but they always have to make sure to arrive in time for all their concerts or else their booking agent Boss Bufo will be furious.

Cool frog Rocky is the leader of the band and plays the guitar. Pretty singer Boney has a great voice. Dark diva Becky swings with her frog legs and her bass guitar. Little hothead Ramyo is the drummer. They want to entertain their fans, but also have their serious side. RockFrogs stand for a green, healthy lifestyle, love for animals, awareness of the environment, climate change, human rights and that everyone is entitled to fair and equal treatment.


Short clip of one of our upcoming songs "Tover wat kleur"

by RockFrogs

Download the song through one of these channels


Every month, you or your parents will be able to print a free coloring picture. To get to know all group members, herewith Rocky, Boney, Becky and Ramyo in their super cool wooden tour bus. Show your family and friends your coloring skills. Enjoy!

A sneak preview of next month’s coloring picture.

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